Hearing aid Drying Jar | Drying Jaar

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Inner box contains silica gel desiccant granules. When you no longer see blue granules in the inner box, it is time to reactivate the silica gel granules. Remove the inner box from the jar and place it in a microwave oven with lid side down and heat for 1 minute only. Allow inner box to cool before handling. If required repeat the heating for another 1 minute after cooling to active more silica gel granules. Place it back into the jar for reuse.


 Hearing aid Drying Jar | Drying Jaar
  • Simply use – remove the battery first and put the hearing aids into the jar.
  • Works with all hearing aids – BTE / CIC / ITE or earmolds.
  • Before retiring for the night, wipe your hearing aid with a soft clean cloth.
  • Remove the battery and leave the battery door open.
  • Open the dehumindifier jar and place the hearing aid inside the jar
  • Replace the lid and close the jar tightly.


Keep away from the children. Silica gel granules are harmful. If swallowed consult your doctor immediately.


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