Signia Styletto AX High Quality Charging Case for Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids


About the Product – 

Model Name/Number
    Styletto AX Charging Case
Brand     Signia
Aid Placement
Product Type
    Charging Case 


Styletto AX hearing aids can be charged at home or on the go for long lasting of use per charge. Instead of having to plug the charger into the mains, you can simply place it on a charging pad thanks to the wireless technology in the pocket-sized charging case.

You can likewise pick a Dry &Clean charger that charges your Styletto Hatchet as well as offers UVC cleaning and drying innovation to keep your listening devices in top condition.

The Signia Styletto AX Charging Case is perfect for keeping your Hearing Aids charged while on the go.  The charging case holds a charge, so you can stay connected without having to worry about a battery low warning. The sleek, minimalist design of the Styletto AX Charging Case provide a easy way to charge your hearing Aids .

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10 Size, 13 Size, 312 Size, 675 Size