Signia Motion SP-3Px- 24 Channels Digital Programmable Hearing Aids


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Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
       Motion SP-3Px
       Digital Programmable Hearing Aids
       Beige & Black
Key Feature
       Tinnitus balance, Bluetooth Connectivity,
       Noise Cancellation
       675 Size Zinc Air Battery
Fitting Range
       20 – 120 dB
        2 Years


The Signia Motion SP-3Px are digital programmable hearing aids with 24 channels. These hearing aids use advanced signal processing technology to adjust sound settings based on the user’s specific hearing loss and environment, allowing for optimal hearing performance. They also feature wireless connectivity options for streaming audio from devices such as smartphones and televisions.

The Signia Motion SP-3Px digital programmable hearing aids feature advanced signal processing technology and 24 channels to provide optimal hearing performance. Some of the specific features include:

  • Automatic adjustments: The hearing aids automatically adjust to the user’s environment and hearing loss, with no manual adjustments needed.
  • SpeechMaster: A feature that enhances speech understanding in challenging listening situations such as in a noisy environment or when talking to someone with a soft voice.
  • Sound Brilliance: A feature that enhances the overall sound quality of music, making it more enjoyable to listen to.
  • Wireless connectivity: The hearing aids can connect to devices such as smartphones and televisions via Bluetooth, allowing the user to stream audio directly to the hearing aids.
  • Remote control: The hearing aids can be controlled and adjusted remotely using a smartphone app, making it easy to change settings without having to physically touch the hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus therapy: These hearing aids come with a built-in tinnitus therapy feature that produces personalized sound stimulation to help manage tinnitus.

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