Signia Motion Charge & Go SP 3X BTE Hearing Aids


About The Product :

Place of Origin – Germany

Brand Name – Signia

Model Number – Motion  Charge &Go SP 3X

Style    –  BTE

Type   –  Digital Hearing Aids

Color  –  Beige

Channel – 24 Channels

Fitting Range – 15-95

Power –  Li -ion

Warranty –  2 Years



Key Feature :

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity 
  2. Rechargeable
  3. Long Lasting Battery
  4. AI Digital Assistant
  5. Automatic Situation Detection

Be Brilliant by making the best decision for you.

The biggest advantage of the Signia Motion Charge Go SP 3X is that it is a very versatile hearing aid. It can be worn all day long, and it can be recharged on the go. The hearing aid also has a number of other features that make it unique, including a six-microphone system, a rechargeable battery, and a number of other features.

We at Signia know how important it is to hear clearly, be aware of everything, and have a device that looks good and works well. The ideal setup for those who want to perform at their best is provided by our brand-new Motion X collection of rechargeable BTE. For more or other suitable hearing aids you can check on Hearupusa.

Signia has taken this idea to the next level, allowing you to provide your customers, regardless of their degree of hearing loss, with the ideal hearing aid experience that improves their performance and lets them Be Brilliant.



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Binaural, Left Ear, Right Ear