Signia Intuis 3 Click CIC (Completely In Canal) With 12 Channels Non Rechargeable Hearing Aid


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Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
       Intuis 3-Click CIC
       Digital Hearing Aids
Key Feature
       Tinnitus balance, Noise Cancellation
       New Secure Packing
       10 Size Zinc Air Battery
Fitting Range
       10 – 70 dB
        2 Years


The Signia Intuis 3-Click CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing aid with 12 channels. It is non-rechargeable and runs on standard hearing aid batteries. It is designed to help individuals with hearing loss by amplifying sounds and making them clearer and easier to hear. It is a product of Signia, a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing hearing aids.

The Signia Intuis 3-Click CIC   is a Completely In Canal (CIC) hearing aid with 12 channels. Some of its key features include:

  1. Discreet design: It is an CIC hearing aid which is designed to be discreet and comfortable.
  2. Speech clarity: The hearing aid is designed to enhance speech intelligibility, making it easier for the user to understand conversations in noisy environments.
  3. Tinnitus therapy: The hearing aid offers tinnitus therapy which provides relief from ringing in the ears.
  4. Water and dust protection: The hearing aid is IP68 rated, meaning it is well-protected against dust and water.
  5. Non-rechargeable: It runs on standard hearing aid batteries.
  6. 12 channels: It has 12 channels which means it can process a wide range of sound frequencies, allowing you to hear a wide range of sounds.
  7. Adjustable volume: It has an adjustable volume control, which allows you to fine-tune the sound to your liking.

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