Run Click CIC 10 8 Channels Hearing Aids


Hearing aid Type – CIC
Channels – 8
Battery Size – 10
Fitting Range – 10 – 70
Return Policy – Not Returnable

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Run Click CIC 10 8 Channels Hearing Aids

Signia Run Click hearing aids ensures that the ear canal primarily comes into contact with its very soft surface, ensuring the best level of comfort. it comes With their range of selectable programs and it help you in the most diverse hearing situations.

• Run Click CIC Hearing aids is louder and clearer sound. Sounds are transmitted via the microphone and
• Run Click CIC Hearing Aids provide you amplified using state-of-the-art sound processing for clearer hearing the best hearing comfort.
• Feedback Cancellation- No whistling sounds. super-soft silicone material and ergonomic shape,
• Peak Gain (DB) / MPO (DB SPL) – 50/113
• Fitting Range (DB) – 10 – 70


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