Phonk Audio P70-RL 20 Channels Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids For Deaf Water Proof Hearing Aids


About The Product :



Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
     Audio P70-RL
     Digital Programmable Hearing Aids
     Beige and black
     2 Years
Key Feature
     Tinnitus balance, Bluetooth Connectivity, Noise Cancellation
     Rechargeable hearing aid
Fitting Range
     10 – 150 dB


Audio Life is waterproof up to 50 centimeters deep and provides protection from sweat, saltwater, pool water, and freshwater. Phonk Charger Case Go lets you charge your hearing aids while you’re on the go, making them ideal for your active lifestyle and even more convenient.


P70-RL is a waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid in the world

It is a member of the Phonk Paradise family and is built on the ground-breaking Paradise platform. It is a waterproof hearing aid in the world that can be recharged. Tested successfully in every kind of water.

When you go to the hairdresser, swim, take a shower, or spend a day at the beach, Phonk Audio Life lets you wear your hearing aids with confidence. When you exercise, take Phonk Audio Life with you and listen to natural, crystal-clear sound even when you sweat a lot. Furthermore, to top everything off, it has a pedometer to propel you to lead a solid way of life.

Phonk Audio Life, the dependable Paradise platform for the best sound quality, is built on the ground-breaking Paradise technology platform.

Auto Sense 4.0, which quickly and automatically adjusts to your listening environment, is included. In order to produce a sound that is truly expansive and lifelike, it uses both hearing aids simultaneously.

The Phonk Paradise hearing aids are multi-functional hearing aids with several innovations for greater convenience. Connecting and streaming have never been easier.

The best part is that Phonk Audio Life can be streamed from any TV, smartphone, or tablet, regardless of brand (Apple, Android, etc.). You can connect multiple devices to Phonk Audio Life at the same time without having to manually switch between them.

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Binaural, Left Ear, Right Ear