Phonak Marvel Audeo M50-Rechargeable RIC hearing aid CE & FDA approved


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Audio M50-S RIC BTE hearing aid
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Hearing Aid
beige, black
2 years
Digital Programmable Hearing Aids
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Tinnitus balance
remote control
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Rechargeable Hearing Aid
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The Audio M50-R is a popular entry-level hearing aid due to its size, built-in rechargeable battery and automatic program. Despite lacking in technological features when compared to more advanced hearing aids, the M50-R performs well in both quiet situations, and in minimal levels of background noise, with the automatic program adapting the hearing aid features based on the amount of noise present alongside the conversation. The Marvel has been designed to reduce the impact of wind noise that plagued the older Belong range. It also has better automatic functioning and brand new microphones, improving soft sound pickup, compared to previous models.

The Phnak Audio M50 rechargeable is based on the latest Marvel Platform, which brings with it exceptional sound quality as well as the ability to connect to any Bluetooth 4.2 audio source. This means you can stream high quality and phone calls from almost any post 2010 mobile phone with minimal distortion and in full stereo (if using two devices). The Marvel acts as a true hands free Bluetooth headset for your phone as it uses the hearing aid microphone to pick up your voice. So your phone can remain in your pocket. You can stream any audio from your phone in high quality to these hearing aids including music, podcasts, videos or any other audio coming from your phone. You can also pair these devices directly to your Bluetooth capable laptop or PC or even connect to Bluetooth capable TV’s. For those who don’t have Bluetooth capable Televisions, you can purchase the optional $270 TV adapter for high quality stereo (with two aids) TV enjoyment.  Now updated with the latest Marvel 2.0 features.


  • RECHARGEABLE: Has a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, rated to last 6 Years. It features super quick charging and a full charge gives you a full day of use with some streaming.
  • AUTOMATIC PROGRAM (AUTOSENSE  3): Automatically identifies the listening environment and blends feature elements from two (calm situation, and speech in noise) programs to select the best hearing aid settings for that situation. Automatically detects if the streamed signal is Speech or music and adjusts for the best possible sound quality.
  • DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (ULTRAZOOM): Focuses the hearing aid microphones in front of you while reducing noise from the sides and behind.
  • DYNAMIC FREQUENCY COMPRESSION (SOUND RECOVER II): Compresses sounds from areas where hearing is most damaged, to an area with better hearing. Designed to improve audibility for those with poor high-frequency hearing.
  • BINAURAL COORDINATION (QUICKSYNC): Co-ordinates the hearing aids so that adjustments made to one device are automatically made on the other device.
  • TINNITUS RELIEF (TINNITUS BALANCE): Emits a soft noise that is designed to distract attention away from an individual’s tinnitus.
  • NOISE REDUCTION (NOISE BLOCK): Reduces background noise to improve listening comfort.


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