Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 312 Hearing Device


Brand Name: Phonk
Model Number: Audeo paradise P50 312 hearing aid
Key words: Hearing Aid
Color: beige, black
Warranty: 2 years
Style: RIC
Type : Digital Programmable Hearing Aids
Channel: 16
Battery: 312 size
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Phonak are one the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They are based in Switzerland and are part of the Sonova Group, which includes Unitron.

The Phonak Audeo Paradise range of hearing aids have superseded the Phonak Audeo Marvel.

The Paradise P50-312 is Phonak’s top of the range product designed for users with the most active lifestyles.

P50-312 has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and only takes two hours of charging to get a full day’s use. The devices come with the mini charger included. A charging case with a power bank can be purchased separately.

Phonak have improved the Bluetooth protocol for Paradise which enables Paradise devices to be paired to up to eight Bluetooth devices and be connected to two simultaneously.

Audeo Paradise also allows for true hands-free use of a mobile, keep your phone in your pocket and answer your phone call by pressing a button on the hearing aid.


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