Oticon Sumo Dm Super Power | Oticon BTE Hearing Aids


  • If you share the audiogram report with us, we will also program the hearing aid
  • Price mentioned is for one hearing aid. If you want for both ear, please select the quantity as 2. After ordering you tell us which ear you are ordering right or left
  • 675 battery size should be used
  • It comes with 8 channels and 8 bands
  • Fittting Range db upto – 120
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Oticon Sumo Dm Super Power | Oticon BTE Hearing Aids


In the past, the term Super Power was associated with large, rather inelegant hearing aids. But today, Sumo’s unique engineering and design packs more power into less space. Sumo users really appreciate the comfort of a smaller, narrower and lighter design. Both the manual volume control and the telecoil switch, which improves sound quality when you are on the phone, are very user friendly. Sumo is also engineered for long-term durability. It’s ideal for active children and is tough enough to withstand the most demanding everyday conditions.


  • Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Cancellations
  • Option for phone use
  • Visual Status Indicator
  • Battery type – 675
  • fitting upto 120
  • channels – 8
  • Bands – 8

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that hearings aid are non returnable products as these are delicate. Once you open the packaging, it cannot be sold to other customers. HEARING AIDS ONCE SOLD CANNOT BE RETURNED. For more information, please whatsapp or dial +91 9354104714


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