Oticon Chili SP5 Super Power Mini BTE (WL)Hearing Aid


  • Price mentioned is for one hearing aid. If you want for both ear, please select the quantity as 2. After ordering you tell us which ear you are ordering right or left.
  • If you share the audiogram report with us, we will also program the hearing aid
  • 13 battery size should be used SP5 super power min BTE hearing aid
  • It comes with 6 channels and 6 bands
  • Fitting range db up to – 120
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Oticon Chili SP5 Super Power Mini BTE (WL)Hearing Aid

Oticon Chili SP5 Super Power Mini BTE Wireless Product. . Speech Guard helps you communicate clearly,When you have severe to profound hearing loss you don’t just need extra power; you need clear, authentic.Oticon Chili’s Speech Guard feature protects important natural details – such as the pitch and tone of a person’s voice – to make them easier to identify and follow. system is controlled by the Streamer. These automatically dampen any noise coming from the sides and behind to help you focus on the voices you want to hear.

  • Data Logging
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Noise Management
  • Telecoil
  • Wireless
  • battery type – 13
  • Channels – 6
  • Bands – 6
  • Fitting range db up to – 120


Legal Disclaimer

Please note that hearings aid are non returnable products as these are delicate. Once you open the packaging, it cannot be sold to other customers. HEARING AIDS ONCE SOLD CANNOT BE RETURNED. For more information, please whatsapp or dial +91 9354104714


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