Hi -Pro 2 Digital Hearing Aids Programmer Signia, Phonak, Re sound, Starkey


About the Product : 

Usage/Application     Hospital, Clinic
Type     Hearing Aids Programmer
Power Source     USB
Model Name     Hi-Pro 2
Intensity Range     TDH 49 100 dB HL
Net weight     230g
Minimum Order Quantity     1 Piece


  • This computerized hearing aid programmer is used to programme hearing aids and reset their settings.
  • Hi-Pro 2 is a universal hardware interface for programming all type of Hearing Aids.
  • The entire system consists of this digital programming unit, fitting software, and programming wires. It acts as a standardized interface for programmable hearing equipment and personal computers.

Technical Details:

  • The PC interface
  • USB syncing cable (Universal Serial Bus port)
  • For the USB programming connection and computer

Key Feature :

  1. Portable and light weight.
  2. Durable And reliable.
  3. Easy to install and use.
  4. Compatible with Microsoft 7, 8 10,11 and Vista
  5. Faster Programming
  6. Backward compatible with previous versions of HI-PRO

Save time by using the high-speed mode instead of the Hi-Pro USB version, which allows fitting modules to communicate with the hearing instrument more quickly.

Improve the efficiency of your fitting procedures Hi-Pro provides a simple method for improving your fitting procedures. The most recent installment in the Hi-Pro series, which has long been regarded as the industry standard for programming hearing instruments, was created in collaboration with hearing aid manufacturers.

Programming hearing aids is facilitated by Hi-Pro’s universal hardware interface, which makes it quick, simple, and dependable.