Fun SP BTE 675 6 Channels Hearing Aids


Hearing aid Type – BTE
Channels – 8
Battery Size – 675
Fitting Range – 20 – 120
Return Policy – Non Returnable

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Fun SP will provide an outstanding experience. This hearing aids offer higher amplification for patients with severe or profound hearing loss. This hearing ads will provide you all the essential customer requirements and delivers sound quality at every situation so you can relax and hear clearly all day long. It is avaible with a high level of wearing comfort.

• Fun SP is simple and reliable kind of sound transmission ensures optimum amplification for all levels of hearing loss. Picks up sound and improves speech understanding in noise.

• Suitable For: Mild To Profound, You can set the suitable sound profile in the fitting process and wearers adjust the volume when necessary.. Feedback Cancellation- No whistelling sounds.
• Fun has been tried and tested in the most challenging environments for greater reliability

• Peak Gain (DB) / MPO (DBSPL) – 79/140
• Fitting Range (DB) – 20 – 120


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